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russell quan

all kindsa girls film is tuff s nails .good on ya cheryl.really well done.i would be really intrested in howie fergusons point of view of it all.no other drummer . could play those parts.the flakes had fun playing last night.lets have the lyres documentary !


Thanks for the comment, Russell. I would've given my eye teeth to see the film and watch the Flakes get down and dirty. Keep up the great work...


That link you have posted is from 2003. I've been waiting to see that documentary and have never seen anything indicating its available on dvd at showing anywhere around the country on a big screen (and i have looked) since that 3 year old posting.


tthousand66: I'm anxiously awaiting more info as well, but the premier went on in San Fran without a hitch. I'll keep ya posted if I hear anything else about the film. There was a post about the film on the garagepunk.com forums here: http://www.garagepunk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21417&highlight=real+kids+documentary --- Info is sketchy but I"m hoping they'll do something in different areas across teh country. Thanks for the commment!


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