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Widmarc Clark

It is almost impossible to believe Link Wray is gone. He was a friend of mine since 1957 when we both lived in the Wash.D.C. area.We shared many memories in his early career when he played country music at most of the night clubs in Wash.D.C. I was a DJ at WDON in Wheaton,Md and myself and Link and his brothers Vernon and Doug
Wray and Bassman Shorty
Horton toured together and
had hours and hours of good
times that I will never forget. They are all gone now passed on into the twilight of yesteryear along with the recording that were so famous. The recordings we still have however the people who made them will never be with us again. I'm glad we
were friends and shared some good quality time when there was time. Remember it's time we always seem to run out of
try to spent more of it with those folks you care about as one day they will be gone.

Widmarc Clark
Director / President
The Southern Legends
Performing Arts
Hall of Fame
Portland, Tennessee.

shayne wray

i want to thank this websight for it's kind words about my dad, but he will live on with his music...but it's not over before Rumble 2 is out...


Shayne Wray


Thanks for visiting the website and thanks for posting your comment. Your dad was an amazing musician, music today would not be what it is without his influence. More importantly though, sorry for your loss and it's affects of a more personal nature.

I lost my father on Christmas day this last year, and wow life is just not the same without him. He was battling Alzheimers and it was a fall and a broken hip to which he finally succumbed. I miss hanging out and talking to my Pop, he was my first hero, he was larger than life to me, and he lived life fearlessly and with great pride and compassion which you don't see as much nowadays. It was so important to me that he loved me and that I made him proud.

I know your father will live on through his music, and that he will continue to inspire and touch those that listen to his work; and to his family and friends he will remain alive in their hearts.

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